marina orlova portrait

Marina Orlova


Marlina Orlova was born on December 10, 1980 in Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. She is mostly known for being the sexy host of the Youtube channel and website called HotForWords. In 2012, she began an online series of videos for, which is personal finance website. She was basically in charge of explaining the meaning of typically used economic and financial terms.

New Yorker Magazine called her the Sexiest Philologist in the World and was even voted by as the World’s Sexiest Geek. She is regularly featured on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor Show and was ranked by G6 TV as the fifth hottest woman on the internet. She was a part of the Best Online Campaign of 2009, highly recommended by the New York Times Magazine and was rated as one of the top three YouTube Channels by Cosmopolitan.

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